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Kashmir rock agama | Laudakia tuberculata Gray, 1827

Kashmir rock agama | Laudakia tuberculata Gray, 1827   Kashmir rock agama is a species of lizard that belong to family agamidae which i...

Jan's Cliff racer | Platyceps rhodorachis, Jan (1865)

Platyceps rhodorachis, Jan's Cliff racer, Braid Snake

Edward Blyth erected the genus Platyceps in 1860. The genus name “Platyceps” was inadvertently used for a fossil species in 1877 now recognized as “Platycepsion wilkinsoni”.
Currently 26 species come under this genus which is:
·        Platyceps afarensis (Schätti & Ineich, 2004); Platyceps bholanathi (Sharma, 1976); Platyceps noeli (Schätti, Tillack & Kucharzewski, 2014); Platyceps brevis (Boulenger, 1895); Platyceps rhodorachis (Jan, 1865); Platyceps rogersi (Anderson, 1893); Platyceps collaris (F. Müller, 1878) ; Platyceps saharicus (Schätti & McCarthy, 2004); Platyceps scortecci (Lanza, 1963); Platyceps elegantissimus (Günther, 1878); Platyceps florulentus  (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1827); Platyceps sinai (Schmidt & Marx, 1956); Platyceps sindhensis (Schätti, Tillack & Kucharzewski, 2014);  Platyceps gracilis (Günther, 1862); Platyceps insulanus (Mertens, 1965); Platyceps karelini (Brandt, 1838); Platyceps ladacensis (Anderson, 1871); Platyceps somalicus (Boulenger, 1896); Platyceps taylori (Parker, 1949); Platyceps tessellata (F. Werner, 1910); Platyceps thomasi (Parker, 1931); Platyceps variabilis (Boulenger, 1905); Platyceps largeni (Schätti, 2001) & Platyceps messanai (Schätti & Lanza, 1989)
(Source: reptile-database)

Jan's Cliff racer | Platyceps rhodorachis Jan, 1865
Platyceps rhodorachis is commonly known as Jan's Cliff racer or Braid snake. It is a species of snake which fall under family colubridae & found in Central Asia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Oman, Afghanistan, S Uzbekistan, Yemen, S Kazakhstan, W Kyrgyzstan, NW Tajikistan, S Turkmenistan, Iran (Kavir Desert), W Pakistan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Chad & Eritrea.
Platyceps rhodorachis (Source: reptile-database)

Scientific classification
Binomial name
Platyceps rhodorachis (Jan, 1865)

It is the most controvert species between researchers regarding its taxonomy, species namely Platyceps r. subniger distributed from Eritrea to Somalia, Platyceps r. ladacensis distributed in Iran, east to Afghanistan, north to S Turkmenistan, S Uzbekistan, W Tajikistan., Pakistan, Platyceps r. kashmirensis reported from Pakistan are considered the sub species of Platyceps rhodorachis.
Platyceps rhodorachis (Source: indiansnakes.org)
Scalation in P.rhodorachis is as: Supralabial 9, usually 5th-6th touches the (rarely 4th-6th) eye, there are 9-11 infralabials acknowledged, midbody scale are arranged as 19: 19:13/15; ventral’s are 195-277 angulated laterally, where subcaudals  are between 108-144. The total length (snout to vent) of the specimens recorded are 859-1043 mm, while that of tail is 244-354 mm. Distinctive pre and post oculo-labial stripes are present in the species. The colour of the species shows variation such as: Head was recorded as gray to brownish colour having light yellowish preocular and postocular bar; while that of body it is light to average gray & sometimes may be brownish or greenish in colour, where anterior half of body have small traverse bars, posterior unicolour.
Reproduction: oviparous
Platyceps rhodorachis (Source: reptile-database)
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PerSonaLife: Jan's Cliff racer | Platyceps rhodorachis, Jan (1865)
Jan's Cliff racer | Platyceps rhodorachis, Jan (1865)
Platyceps rhodorachis, Jan's Cliff racer, Braid Snake
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