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The Procession of Faith: The Holy Place, Kailash Kund ("Kablas"), Everyone Should Visit Once in His/Her life

Kailash Mountains, India, Mountain lake, Lakes, serpent, gods, Reptiles, snakes

The Holy Kund ("Kablas") is located on hills of Bhaderwah region of Jammu province of Jammu & Kashmir state. Bhaderwah is known by many names one of it is "NAGON KI BHOOMI" means “THE LAND OF SNAKES”. The history of the region is not well known to the general masses. The Bhaderwah Town (Nagar Bhaderwah) was known as “HETTARY NAGAR” and before that, there were two other towns namely “DONGA NAGAR” & “UDHO NAGAR”. Both the places were situated around villages Mondha which is about 3 kms towards the East of present Bhaderwah town. Ancient stories depicts that back in time both the Nagar’s were destroyed in floods came through from Himalayan ranges, and the presence of the big rocks in abundance available in the present era reveal the story of disaster occurred then. Earlier then, the peoples of Bhaderwah selected a place for their rehabilitation in SEERI (Seer: massive piece of land), now known as Seeri Bazar, a field belonging to a Zamindars.
Devi Vasuki Nag, Kablas Location
Kailash Kund is a beautiful lake of cold, crystal clear water having a boundary of around 1.5 miles & is a famous place of pilgrimage. It is also known as the Vasuki Kund, a home of Vasuki Nag. Geographical situated at a height of 4434 m.asl. The Lake is surrounded by mountains and glaciers on three corners.

There are five more such kunds, some are large as Kailash while some are small kunds among the surrounding hillocks and rocks. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit from district such as Chamba, Kathua, Udhampur, Doda, Jammu and outside states & perform yatra in the month of August. It is yatra of faith. 

Introduction of Nagaas and Garoods 

The history of Nagaas & Garoods starts from the Rishi Kashyap and his two wives Kadru and Vineeta, the daughters of king Daksh. After marriage both lived in perfect harmony & were extremely beautiful and polite by nature. After sometime Kadru gave birth to thousand powerful Nagaas and out of which there are some famous serpent gods & Goddesses according to Hindu mythology in the world till now.

Adishesha (Sheshanaga) 

In Hindu holy Puranas it is cited that Adishesha is the one who had holded all the planets and universe on his hoods. It is frequently depicted that Lord Vishnu rests on the coiling lap of Shesha. It is also believed that Shesha supports Kurma and when it moved, Shesha sighed and the yawning of its jaws caused earthquakes. The Sanskrit Shesha is ‘remainder’ – meaning when the world is destroyed at the end of Kalpa, Shesha remains as he is. As per Mahabharata Shesha were the eldest son of sage Kashyap and his wife Kadru. 

Dev Vasuki Nag 

As per Hindu mythology the snake that we see around the neck of Lord Shiva is Vasuki. It is believed that Shiva blessed Vasuki and wore him as an ornament. He is known as the king of Nagaas and bears a gem called Nagamani on his head. His name is also cited in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Besides, there is popular legend in Hinduism about Vasuki Nag; he was part of the ‘Samudra Manthan’, the roiling of the ocean. It was written that Devtas and Rakshases were engaged in the Samudra Manthan in search of Amrit (The water of Immortality). Vasuki allowed them to use him as a rope to extract it. 

An sculpture of God Vasuki
Takshaka Nag 

He is also one of the Nagaas cited in the Mahabharata who lived in Takshasila, which was the new territory of him after his race was banished by Pandavas led by Arjuna from the Khandava forests (modern day Delhi) & Kurukshetra (hhttp://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takshaka).

Kaliya Nag 

As we remember the citation of him as a very poisonous snake living in the Yamuna river in Vrindavan where the water of river Yamuna boiled and bubbled with poison for so long and no dares to go near the river. Kaliya Nag was the resident of Ramanaka Dwipa but moved to Vrindavan by the fear of Garuda, the enemy of serpents & his step brother. Garuda was cursed that he could not enter Vrindavan. One fine day when Shri Krishna & his friends were playing on the banks of the river and the ball fell in the river accidentally. Only then Krishna jumped into the river and Kaliya rose up vomiting poison. After a tiff with the snake, Krishna rose up from the bottom dancing on the head of Kaliya. The incident is still remembered as the ‘Kalinga Nartana’ in South India.

Manasa Devi 

Mansa Devi is a known as the Hindu goddess of snakes who is worshiped mainly for the prevention, cure of snakebite, for fertility & prosperity. She is the sister of famous Naag Vasuki and wife of sage Jaratkaru. She is depicted as a goddess sitting on a lotus, covered with or standing upon snakes. 

The second wife of Sage Kashyap Vineeta gave birth to two sons “Arun & Garud”. Garud went to Himalaya in his early age for meditation of God Vishnu. One bright day, when Kashyap Rishi was not at home, both the sisters were observing the scene of early rising sun. In the meantime they started discussing the colour of the horses of the Chariot of the sun. Kadru said that the colour of the horses was black while Vineeta said it was white. Both were obstinate with their statements. At last they made a bet on account of whoever loses se shall serve as servant to the other for whole life. In the evening when Kadru told to her sons about the bet they said, “Mother” Vineeta is right, the colour of the horses is white.

On hearing this Kadru became worried about what if she would lose the bet, she would have to serve her sister throughout her life. On seeing the worries of their mother Black Nagaas said, “Don’t you worry Mother, we will wrap around the horses of Chariot of rising sun tomorrow as all of us are black except brother Vasuki Nag and by this way the white colour of the horses shall become black and you will win the bet.

On the very morning they waited for the sun to rise and get the result of their bet. When the Chariot of the Sun “Suriya Dev” sighted the colour of the horses appeared black due to adhering of the black Nagaas round the horses. After sighting that Vineeta became surprised & since then she started serving her sister. After completion of her son Garood meditation he came back home after a long time. When her mother asked him about his Tapasiyaa he happily told her that he had completed it successfully & Lord Vishnu after getting pleased with his meditation; blessed him to remain with him always as his VAHAN (Carrier). But when Garood saw the downhearted face of his mother, he asked the reason his mother tried to avoid the reason of her sadness but because of the continue insistence of Garood, she than narrated him the whole story of her sadness that now she had to serve her sister as a servant for rest of her life.

Garood only then stated that to his mother that she had not lost the bet but Nagaas have cheated you. He have felt insult of her mother and told her I shall take the revenge. He could not tolerate such an insult of his mother and aroused with anger. Vineeta, the mother of Garood cognize the feelings of her son and she tried to calm him by saying that they must be the rewarded of her misdeeds in the previous life. Garood in anger was not able to decide what to do. At the same time Dev Rishi Narad appeared before him. When Naradji asked, he then narrated the whole tale how his step mother and step brothers cheated his mother and requested him to show the way. He advised him to go to Lord Vishnu. He at once went towards Himalayas and started meditating to please Lord Vishnu. After his unbreakable meditation Lord Vishnu was pleased and appeared before him and asked the reason of his hard meditation. Garood on seeing God before him said My Lord if you are really pleased with my meditation then bless me that since today Nagaas should have no effect on me. God Vishnu blessed him with his desired demand. From that very period the fight between Garoods and Nagas started.

Kablas top in the month of August

Arrival of Nagaas To Bhaderwah 

Soon after the stoppage of ‘Nag Yag’ carried by King Janamejaya, the left of Nags were frightened & therefore to save their lives they fled to hilly places. By this way some of Nags reached Bhaderwah. They liked this place very much and decided to stay here. In Hindu pious records it is written that previously Bhaderwah is called Bhaderkashi before the arrival of Nagas. The place at where they stayed in Bhadarkashi was village Gosht which is modern day Gatha. At this place there is big & beautiful temple of Vasuki Nag with bunch of other temples around it.

Seoz Dhar

In early days there was a cluster of very big Deodar trees around there & there lived a well off family around the villages of Gatha. The herd of cows of the family used to arrive through cluster of Deodar trees. All of sudden all the milking cows of the family started giving less milk in the evening. While this process persisted for three, four days and nobody able to understand the reason. At this the oldest lady of the family said that she herself to look after the herd by this day. At noon when the herd reached the near the cluster of those trees (Gosht) one of the cow stood near an old tree which was hollow inside & there was a big hole coming from that tree. As soon as the cow came near the hole a Nag came out of that very hole and started drinking the milk. The old lady saw all this very carefully where the Nag after consumption of milk went back into the hole. After returning home that night the old lady narrated the whole story to her family members.

The very old lady then told them that the colour & shape of that snake was not like an ordinary snake but a very spiritual and worth worshiping, so we must also treat him as a honor and respect. After that night the old lady always put a bowl of milk near that hole of the tree with great sincerity where the God Nag appear from that hole & drink the milk gladly.

All this left on for some time, one night god Nag appeared in her dream and said that he liked the place & people of the place & wanted to live there. He then requested that cut this tree in which i live and make a temple for his residence. On next morning the lady narrated her dream to her sons then they cut the tree and built a temple there as per order & wish of their mother. Afterwards on one propitious day a Hawan was organized to mount Nag Devta in that very temple. The Naga who resides in the temple was no other than Vasuki Nag. After that many other Nagaas along with the Nag Vasuki came there then.They starting living peacefully until Garood came to know about the presence of Nags here and started killing them for his food after following here. 

Vasuki Nag became upset and started thinking to find out some solution to it & he summoned Garood. Garood met his step brother with respect because he knew that there was no hand of Vasuki Nag in cheating of his mother as he was white in colour while all other were black. Vasuki Nag welcomed Garood with love, respect & brought into his notice the anxiety of Nagas and requested him to stop their consumption. Then only Garood told him that he cannot do so until his revenge will not get satisfaction. Vasuki Nag then told him that if a Nag himself presented to him for his food would you stop troubling them, at this Garood agreed and said that he was ready to accept the proposal. Then treaty was made upon that one Nag wearing a red cloth lays himself on the decided stone & presents himself to Garood.

Ram Tund
As Garood saw that Nag laid on the stone, he flew to that place after getting their Garood was distressed, because that day a Nag was neither frightened nor wept, instead there was great satisfaction and happiness on his face. It was a new thoughtful event for Garood in his life & by observing that condition of Garood, Jimut Vahan said, “Why are you dealing? I am ready for your service. He unevenly picked up him and flew to a high place.

As soon as he took his flight the Nag Shankhchur gave a loud call and requested to leave the person whom he was carrying. But by that time Garood had flown bit away & Shankhchur also ran after him crying loudly that he was not a Nag and it was his turn. Garood also received those voices and after reaching at a high place, he placed him down. Jimut Vahan then said, “Why you are not eating me and satisfying your hunger”? Hearing this! He started consuming him. As he started consuming him, Shankhchur reached there and told him that he was not a Nag so please don’t eat him. He is an alien prince and it was my turn today but when he came to know from my mother that I am the only son of her, he took pity on me and came to sacrifice himself in my place. Both of them Shankhchur and Jimut vahan were insisting to eat them.

On seeing there selflessness regarding each other Garood felt guilty and thought how both of them being living creatures are ready to sacrifice themselves for each other and it was me who is doing sin for sake of my personal benefits. After thinking so he flew towards sky while Shankhchur started treating the wounds of Jimut Vahan. Suddenly Garood came back from sky with holy water (Amrit) and scattered it over the wounds of Jimut Vahan. He then embraced Jimut Vahan & said that he was highly impressed with the spirit of your sacrifice, greatness and want to give you something as reward. He very politely requested him that if he really wanted to give me something then bless me that in future you would not kill and eat Nagas. Garood was highly impressed with the supreme selfless sacrifice of Jimut Vahan and promised him that he would not kill and eat Nagas in future. On hearing the promise of Garood there was no limit of happiness of Jimut Vahan & Shankhchur. After giving this boon Garoodji disappeared in sky. The place where Garood, Jimut Vahn and Shankhchur met each other is at about 1 km away from Sungli village. 

Route Of Yatra 

The Yatra Starts form village Gatha at temple of Shri Vasuki Nag Ji. Yatra starts with sound of drums, blowing of flutes among the religious slogans in the morning. At about 2 kms away from Gatha, yatries wait & attend the Nagar Temple (Vasuki Nag Ji). Then yatra proceed further towards Village Sungli having spring of cold water called Kali Nag and believed to be the base of Kailash mountain. After a short rest at Sungli yatries start trekking mountain towards Kailash.

Took Part In yatra 

In the middle of mountain a plain path arrives where yatries cover to reach Hanyien (Just above the Nalthi Village) where herd of yatra take rest at night on first day. It is Charming small plain spot which was having a temple in past. At about noon yatra reaches at "Jiggar Gudh" a small stream in the forest at the base of another mountain "Gow Paeda" (a straight rocky strip) named as such because Shri Vasuki Nag Ji had climbed this strip after becoming cow. (Gow in Bhaderwah).  After concluding the heights of Gow Paeda yatra passes through wild flowers growing over a slope called "Ram Tund" which yatries hike to reach the peak of this hill. There is a green valley over the peak of this hill top, having some Gujjar Huts. Some yatries put their tents in this valley. Some proceed ahead along with the holy "mace" (Known as Chadi or Nishani). 

As yatra reache the "Gan Thuck" a very beautiful spot with the scenic beauty of "Seojdhar" and adjoining areas. This is the Spot where Vasuki Nag has changed his form to a honeybee called "Gan" in Bhaderwahi Language. Yatra takes rest here for some time after here; there are no tree cover onwards, only small vegetation.  After "Gan Thuck" yatra reaches near slope of green grasses, from where one can see the whole Bhaderwah Valley and Mountain tops of Padder hills. On the way yatra passes through two big stones and a small stone each attached to them as per the story they were two "Dev Kanyas" (Daughters of Gods) who had come to collect flowers and herbs, but they made fun of Vasuki Nag when he was running deadly tired. When he got annoyed and cursed they to become stones since then they are believed be there in the form of stones which were named as "Shagereene" (Herb collectors).

Vasuki Nag Ji reached Shaankh Padhar and threw his Shaank to get water out of the land for satisfying his thrust that the spot is now known as Shaankh Padhar. Soon after appeasing his thrust, Vasuki Nag went to Kailash Kund & nearby Kund he became hungry where he took green grass which is taken as Parshad by yatries till now. Then after reaching at Kund Vasuki Nag Ji prayed to Lord Shiva who was residing there at Kund with his family.

Lord Shiva became happy by the prayers of Shri Vasuki Nag Ji and assured safety of Nag and left to Mani Mahesh as mentioned in 9th part of "Vasuki Puran".Yatries take bath in the cold water of lake, worship the lake, Lord Shiva and Vasuki Nag. This Yatra takes about 2 to 3 days about to reach there (http://www.bhaderwah.com/history.html).It has been in talks that still at the end of main yatra one white serpent swim in the Kund & as a herpetologist am surprised with this fact that how can snake survive long in that cold water as even we human can’t stay longer in that cold water more than 15- 30 seconds but there is much more than science.
It is the best place to visit for spiritual persons and natural lovers. 


  1. Wow nicely written and explained in this Blog about the Valley Bhaderwaha (Chotha Kashmir) "NAGON KI BHOOMI". By reading this Blog one can imagine this Pilgrimage and know about all the facts of The Holy Kailash Kund ("Kablas"). Great work indeed keep it up sir.....



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PerSonaLife: The Procession of Faith: The Holy Place, Kailash Kund ("Kablas"), Everyone Should Visit Once in His/Her life
The Procession of Faith: The Holy Place, Kailash Kund ("Kablas"), Everyone Should Visit Once in His/Her life
Kailash Mountains, India, Mountain lake, Lakes, serpent, gods, Reptiles, snakes
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