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Kashmir rock agama | Laudakia tuberculata Gray, 1827

Kashmir rock agama | Laudakia tuberculata Gray, 1827   Kashmir rock agama is a species of lizard that belong to family agamidae which i...

Kashmir rock agama | Laudakia tuberculata Gray, 1827

Kashmir rock agama, Laudakia tuberculata

Kashmir rock agama | Laudakia tuberculata Gray, 1827 

Kashmir rock agama is a species of lizard that belong to family agamidae which is found in India (West Himalaya, Kashmir, Punjab, Jammu (Doda, Bhaderwah, Rajouri, Batote, Ladakh, & Kishtwar) Uttar Pradesh & Himachal Pradesh), Nepal (Katmandu, Chitlong), Pakistan (North), Afghanistan (East) & China (Tibet).

Scientific classification
Binomial name
Laudakia tuberculata (Gray, 1827)

Head of the species is observed depressed where snout is longer than the distance of the orbit; nostrils present on the lateral sides just below the canthus rostralis and are slightly tubular. Scales on the upper side of the head are smooth or feebly keeled, occipital is not enlarged but bear a set spine shaped scales on the sides of the head near the ear and on the neck.

Ears are larger in size than the eye-opening & completely exposed. Throats of the individuals are strongly plicate having no gular pouch. Body is depressed having more or less distinct folds on the back; where scales over the sides of neck are minute, somewhat granular, keeled & uniform having scattered enlarged scales around; Scales of the vertebral region are much enlarged, are equal, imbricate, and keeled having a very small sign of a nuchal denticulation. Scales of the ventral sides are smooth which are nearly as large as the scales of the vertebral region. Appendages of the species are strong having compact digits, where the scales over the exterior of the limbs are enlarged having strongly keeled toes; the third & fourth finger of the species is equal or the fourth one may be slightly longer, the fifth figure is extended beyond the first. Tail in these individuals are rounded, greatly depressed towards the base & is covered with moderate sized keeled scales which are arranged in rings. The length of the tail in these specimens is 2 to 3 times longer than the distance of snout to vent.

Males of this species are having large patch of stiffened perianal scales & a blotch of alike scales over the middle of the abdomen. Dorsally olive-brown in color marked with blackish with small tinge of yellowish spots; while during the breeding seasons the throats of male individuals appear blue or black looks like a band. The species is a oviparous lizards which feeds on both plants and insects.

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PerSonaLife: Kashmir rock agama | Laudakia tuberculata Gray, 1827
Kashmir rock agama | Laudakia tuberculata Gray, 1827
Kashmir rock agama, Laudakia tuberculata
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